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2010 Spring Conference Presentations:

Monday March 8, 2010

The Transformation Imperative
Stephen Hacker - Presentation

Keynote Breakout Session
Stephen Hacker - Breakout Presentation

How to Walk Through the Fire Pit... and Not Get Burned!
Please e-mail Misty Slagle to have copy of this presentation sent to you. It is too large for upload.

LEED Certification & Green Building Financing
Powerpoint Presentation
LEED Resources

Public Funds Collateralization & FDIC Insurance
Mark Farrell - Presentation

GASB 54 Fund Balance Reporting
Powerpoint Presentation

Tuesday March 9, 2010
Infrastructure Financing as an Economic Development Tool
Powerpoint Presentation

Best Practices in IT Procurement
Powerpoint Presentation

Oregon Short-Term Fund Board: Year in Review & What's Next

Performance Measures vs. Performance Management
Powerpoint Presentation

Disaster Planning / Business Continuity - Roll of Finance
Debbie Smith Wagar - Powerpoint Presentation
Note: For various sample disaster planning documents, contact Misty Slagle

Accounting For Green Infrastructure
Powerpoint Presentation

Wednesday March 10, 2010
Automating Accounts Payable Processes
Jerilyn Nelson Powerpoint Presentation

Analyze Banks
Analyzing Banks Presentation

Financial Market Update
Powerpoint Presentation
Powerpoint Presentation - Eric Johansen

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