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Monday October 25

Multi-Generational Interaction

ARRA Financing - Financial Market Update
     Compliance Checks - Examination, Audit or Compliance Check?

Hot Topics in Bonds

Financial Risk Control

Oh No! We need to involve the public? - A peek at the common pitfalls for public involvement and how to avoid them.

Tuesday October 26
Negotiation Resolutions: Tips, Tricks, Traps & Tools
        Managing Conflict Protocol
        To Flex or Not to Flex

Your Single Audit - Your SEFA
     Additional Materials:
     Grant Pre-Application Notification for County
     Grant Reconciliation 09-10 Instructions
     Grant Summary Form
     Interoffice Memo
     SOP for Grants


Budgeting 101 - Budget Law Update

Volunteers: Panacea or Pandora's Box in Today's Economy 

Additional Materials:
     Sample Volunteer Policy
     Volunteer - Intern Application
     Marion County - Web Resource
     Sample Volunteer Position
     Volunteer Program Lifecycle

Additional materials are available, please contact the Association Manager to have those materials e-mailed to you. 

Investments - Two Perspectives
Managing the Audit Process and its Costs

Budgeting 201- Effective Presentations
Additional Materials:  GFOA Budget Awards Presentation

Long-Term Strategic & Financial Planning - What's in it for you?
 Wednesday October 27
A world of opportunity or a world of pain - What you need to know about current accounting/ reporting and other issues facing finance officers today.    Presentation by Jim Lanzarotta, Moss Adams, LLP. 
     Additional Materials:
FB Reporting Example previous standards
GASB 48 Disclosure Example
Intangible Classification Example
    Polution Remediation Analysis - Summary Template /  Detail Template
Economic Update - Tim Duy

Reset Commission: "Surviving the Financial Storm - Impact of State Budget Shortfalls"